Supplier policy

Procurement Policy

UI Centric is a client-focussed company with exceptionally high standards for customer service and delivery. As such, we are extremely selective when choosing suppliers and enforce high standards throughout our supply chain. To become a supplier to UI Centric potential vendors will typically need to demonstrate a best-in-class product or service as well as quality and value. Suppliers will also need to demonstrate a sufficient level of process to guarantee delivery and quality standards.

Supplying to UI Centric

Unless a separate overriding contract has been entered into with UI Centric, all goods and services will be supplied on the terms set out in our standard purchase order terms and conditions.

Working with UI Centric

Our suppliers are required to adhere to specific UI Centric policies and procedures whenever they are on a UI Centric site. Suppliers are responsible for reviewing these documents and following the prescribed processes. These documents are supplied to every supplier upon being accepted as a vendor.

Recruitment Agencies

UI Centric does not use recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies prospecting for work are specifically requested not to contact the company under any circumstances. Recruitment consultants who do make contact with UI Centric will be blacklisted.


UI Centric may amend these standard policies and procedures from time to time by posting amendments on the website.

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