With playfully designed backgrounds and smooth transitions the DNews app encourages users to discover the world through a lens of curiosity.
Content and design go hand in hand
DNews is dedicated to providing interesting and interactive articles and videos for everyone to learn and discuss science. It is their mission to explore and uncover the most fascinating science news from our everyday world. With this in mind UI Centric created an application that reflects a world of mind-bending stories in it’s playful design and in every animation and transition. 

Through the lens of curiosity
The application encourages users to explore and discover video and stories though categories like space or history and dig deeper and deeper through related articles and video playlists. The "Discovernator" provides an endless supply of facts that you didn't know. And the favorite categories can be pinned to the home screen, so they are always accessible with one tab.
At a glance
Engaging design and animation concept
Reflecting science news visually
Video/ banner advertising and analytics integration
Universal Windows application

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