WWE is a global media entertainment organization, creating and delivering original content to more than 600 million homes worldwide. Its loyal fanbase of dedicated grapple fans engages with the WWE at live events, online, and through its vibrant social media networks, making WWE one of the most followed brands in the world.

WWE.com offers a wealth of digital content, and generated more than 12.6 million monthly unique visitors worldwide during the third quarter of 2012, attracted by its compelling mix of live events, up-to-the-minute news, wrestler profiles and archive video content.

This is a sporting brand with real muscle.

Capture the excitement and enthusiasm for the WWE brand into a Windows 8 app for desktop and tablet platforms, delivering instant and engaging access to an amazing array of statistics, the latest news, pay per view content and all-out wrestling fun.

Our first objective was to identify the key elements hardcore WWE fans would expect from such an app. We determined that instant access to hit online shows ‘Raw’ and ‘Smack Down’, breaking news, live events and archive videos would be a high priority, along with extensive Fighter Biographies and Power Ranking, Championship History, and WWE milestones. The unique selling point of the app would be access to high quality, live streaming of the next big WWE wrestling event, via pay-per-view. These elements were incorporated into the app design via an intuitive and visually imaginative interface, using tiles and backgrounds that flow seamlessly from one section to the next, while ensuring that the interface has clear visual cues so that the user won’t get lost on their journey. The interface also updates to reflect the preferences of the user. For example, if the user has been exploring the biography of a favourite fighter, an image of that fighter will become an element of the app’s home screen layout, personalising the user experience. The app also offers users a full search function, Semantic Zoom, and the ability to share with other users via social media.

From the business perspective, the app has a Pay Ready Client Framework, Digital Rights Management, and analytics via our partner Omniture. Microsoft ads were also implemented to monetize the app, alongside its pay-per-view video content.