UI Centric created a powerful media asset management system allowing for swift and secure storage and delivery of physical and digital assets around the world in any format, on demand.
When Technicolor approached UI Centric with their time-sensitive, multi-million pound project hanging in the balance, UI Centric’s deep end-to-end broadcast video experience was key to delivering one of the most advanced Media Asset Management systems in the industry.

In an increasingly digital age, the management, maintenance and transportation of commercial assets needs to be instant, intuitive, and secure. The Technicolor Showcase Media Asset Management system is an online library that enables the swift & secure storage and delivery of assets – physical and digital – between studios, cinemas and broadcasters around the world in any format, on demand.

A dynamic and collaborative approach
With the platform’s design and development still only in its infancy – and at an advanced stage of the project – UI Centric were drafted in to tackle an extremely tight deadline and deliver a new cloud-based infrastructure and modern user interface. We invited key stakeholders from the Technicolor management team to co‐locate in our Tower Bridge office during the project to maximize collaboration and create an environment that would produce optimum project velocity. This flexibility, and willingness to work together, enabled us to complete the project on time, and further established UI Centric’s reputation as one of the industry's foremost experts in video delivery.
At a glance
Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-hosted architecture
Ultra‐secure proprietary DRM video protection
On-demand transcoding and delivery in the cloud
CDN integration
Custom dynamic workflows
Web and iOS front‐end applications
A custom tailored solution
Within twelve weeks, UI Centric were able to produce a cutting‐edge digital hub – with smart and effective UX design at its heart – that could transcode, subtitle, and send digital and physical assets to multiple addresses worldwide with zero‐to‐minimal training required.

With our proven process and specialist teams, product was delivered on time and became a strong commercial success and flagship product for Technicolor.

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