TechCrunch is one of the world’s leading technology news websites, covering all aspects of the Tech industry. Featuring breaking news, reviews and developments on subjects ranging from start-up businesses to green technologies and gaming, the site has a huge following on social media sites and reaches over 12 million unique visitors, with more than 37 million page views per month. TechCrunch has become a community platform for industry conversation and collaboration, hosting major events and conferences, including The Crunchies Awards. The company also maintains CrunchBase, an open database on start-up companies, industry people and investors, which is now the leading statistical resource for technology companies and transactions.

Having identified that straightforward access to a deep level of information would be key to the success of the TechCrunch app, UI Centric developed a magazine style interface, using a flat structure to ensure the user journey remains simple and immediate by positioning all key functionality at the app’s front end.
Users have instant access to video assets, trending articles and related tweets in Crunchbase, accessible via a unique custom sidebar component developed by UI Centric.

The Home page features the latest tech news stories, and users can scroll to select subjects from a range of news categories, or use the global search bar. Once a user has clicked into an article, they can scroll through to find twitter feeds discussing the same subject, and join the conversation.
Users can also discover related articles via CrunchBase, which opens up a wealth of supplemental information and material on every aspect of any given story, including biographies of the people and companies involved, and links to web sites and social media.