Rolling stones

The Rolling Stones, arguably the greatest rock band of all times. Music icons that defined a popular culture movement through their passion for music and their trademark vitality, charisma and staying power. Two things are certainly indisputable, the Rolling Stones longevity and commercial success, their music remains contemporary and is celebrated by generations of fans. The Rolling Stones reached their 50th Anniversary in 2012 and to celebrate this incredible achievement planned a series of live concerts in London and North America to party with their fans and thank them for their loyal support.

It goes without saying that these once in a lifetime concerts sold out in minutes. However, the Rolling Stones were not content with the physical boundaries of a concert stadium restricting their fans from joining in on the party.

This is where UI Centric came in. The Rolling Stones approached UI Centric to design and build an application that enabled fans to stream the concert live from anywhere in the world. UI Centric designed the Rolling Stones Live application with a pay-per-view payment gateway that enabled fans to purchase tickets a month in advanced up until the concert lights went dim. Each concert wouldn’t be repeated, there were no do-overs here. The application was rigorously tested to ensure it worked without a glitch.