When content is as rich, inspirational and comprehensive as that of the Great Global Chefs app, the goal of any UX and design team is to bring the content to forefront of the experience by getting everything else out of the way.

Selected as Editor’s Choice on iTunes across the world – as well as the Best New App on launch – the redesign and development of the Great Global Chef iPad app saw UI Centric create one of the most enchanting cooking apps on the market.

The app not only keeps users returning for the exquisite recipes and inspired ideas, it also proves to be the perfect foil to any budding chef at home, providing intuitive, seamless, and simple guidance from the sourcing of recipes to the most invaluable tips from some of the world’s finest chefs.

UI Centric fully designed and developed the experience to allow the beautiful, premium content to surface to the top, inspiring users to explore and discover new recipes with ease and enjoyment. The app structure itself has been cleverly conceived so that future versions can be easily themed with partner branding, fresh content and additional categories with minimal effort and overhead.

The application has been an outstanding success. The aforementioned accolades from Apple notwithstanding, downloads haves soared, reaching more than twice that of its predecessor version, with user engagement increasing (for the same period). The app has been featured on iTunes home page over 28 times and reached the No 1 Food & Drink app in 39 countries, top 5 in 62 countries.


Key features:

  • 300+ curated fine dining recipes
  • Hi-res, full screen images
  • Cooking mode with step-by-step instructions
  • Search with filters
  • Shopping List
  • Cooking timer
  • Feature articles