Launched in 2004 as a technology blog, Engadget has grown to become the world’s most highly respected resource for breaking news, reviews and opinion covering all facets of the consumer technology industry. With experts, journalists and business analysts contributing to Engadget’s portfolio of blogs, the AOL-owned outlet offers coverage of cutting edge gadgets, consumer electronics and the science and technology they're built upon.

UI Centric were engaged to refresh Engadget’s mobile offering and transition it to Windows Phone 8, updating the existing app to harmonize with and complement their website. Our goal was to create a product that was worthy of the Engadget brand, and that other developers would look towards as a benchmark for this type of application. We worked closely with the Engadget team and AOL to explore the main strengths of the brand, and determined that tech-savvy end-users would demand a pro-app with a premium feel, that was as cutting-edge as the technologies Engadget reports on.

Basing our new application on its existing Windows Phone 7 predecessor, we undertook a number of design and performance enhancements to improve the user experience, and updated the interface to be more closely aligned with the Engadget website. We also introduced new, wide live tiles to bring a more contemporary feel to the interface, added voice command to launch podcasts, and incorporated the option to share content via NFC.