The CBS News announcement of a 24-hour live digital only news network represented a huge shift in how viewers would be able to consume news programming.
The world's first digital only 24hr news network
CBS will now make content available as a stand-alone product for smartphones and tablets, and represents a seismic change from traditional network and cable broadcast methods to an OTT (over-the-top) delivery method of news programming.
Live and recorded 24hr news
The development of this product was profoundly complex. Advertising and analytical requirements along with a huge amount of integration with the CBS systems, extensive streaming and DVR capabilities presented us with an unparalleled technical feat, and needed to be placed in the safest hands possible. It is with this in mind that CBS News tapped UI Centric to bring a project of this size and scope to market.
At a glance
Live HLS streaming with DVR trick-play
Complex custom video and display advertising integration
Custom video and UI analytics
Extensive VOD and multi-media integration
A new paradigm in OTT delivery
Our wealth of experience developing complex application solutions for many companies in the digital broadcast community enabled us to exceed everyone’s expectations. The results were an on time, on budget delivery receiving many accolades from the media and a vast amount of passionately positive feedback from users.
"We've been been playing with the CBS News app on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 for a few minutes and were blown away by the beauty. The transitions between pages and sections are very fluid and the ability to watch on-demand video is just the cherry on top."
- Windows Central

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