Camelot UK Lotteries Limited wished to implement a Sales Force Mobility application that supports the effective and efficient execution of sales visits and calls. It was intended that the application will add-value to the end-to-end sales cycle of planning, execution and reporting, to varying degrees.
The application supports the ‘facilitation’ of sales call planning by providing detailed information about the retailer, displayed in an intuitive manner. Relevant and meaningful BI, such as performance analytics, is displayed within the application that can be shared directly with the retailer to aid in negotiations to drive certain action. Data is visualised in a way that is both attractive and compelling. The application provides form input fields for rich-text data capture related to a sales visit and call. Leveraging the embedded capabilities of the tablet device, photo imagery and video can be recorded and shared.
UX approach
During the Discovery project phase, UI Centric shadowed sales team members to gain insights into the ‘day in the working life’, looking at ways in which the application can improve efficiencies in managing and growing a portfolio of retailers. Key stakeholders were invited to a workshop at UI Centric’s London office, where a deep dive into core requirements was carried out through a facilitated discussion. These insights were translated into an application experience using interactive wireframes, consisting of over 50 individual screens and 5 core user journeys.
At a glance
Enterprise mobility solution
Azure cloud backend
CRM integration
Online and Offline mode
Domain authentication
In parallel to frontend development, UI Centric created an Azure based web service platform to provide an intermediary between Camelot’s business critical systems and the outside world. This Azure layer also provides domain level authentication supported by Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS). This allows Camelot’s field sales force to access BI on the road using their standard Camelot domain credentials. Between the frontend Azure middleware layer and Camelot’s internal backend UI Centric created a hybrid online/offline model that provides the sales force with live data updates when connected online and cached data when network connectivity is unavailable.
"The quality of the user interfaces UI Centric produces for apps is the best I have seen. Their quality of the code and UI has been above our expectations."
- Microsoft

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