UI Centric provide an on-going portfolio of professional consultancy services to multiple lines-of-business within the BT group. This partnership has spanned more than 7 years and produced numerous tangible business benefits to one of Europe’s largest companies.

Across dozens of internal and external projects we have provided a complete range of user interface services including software development, information architecture, training, business analysis, graphic design and user testing & validation.

UI Centric brings an external perspective and industry expertise to help BT connect with their customers, improve internal efficiency and generate more revenue.

Integrating with functional teams

UI Centric actively promote co-location to optimise communication and alignment of objectives. Throughout our engagement with BT we have embedded project teams in locations throughout the United Kingdom including London, Ipswich, Bristol Plymouth and Northern Ireland.

As well as providing expertise and production capability to BT’s projects, we often provide one-to-one and group training services as well as seminars and insight publications. The training and development of our client’s internal team members produces a lasting legacy and continuous, on-going improvement and efficiencies.

Information Architecture

IA deliverables can be split into intrinsically linked exercises;

  • new requirement capture and / or existing system diagnosis and analysis
  • delivery of proposals and solutions in the most fitting format(s)

Reports and / or presentations, based upon user observation and analytics give a thorough insight into existing system performance and enable us to target key areas for improvement. User Personae can be created upon the results of this research in order to give a detailed insight into the target demographic of the system.

Solution deliverables include user flows, site maps, low to high fidelity wireframe and static to fully interactive clickable prototypes.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design teams work closely the clients, user experience designers and information architects to provide;

  • sketch concepts and page mock-ups based
  • high quality ‘polished’ final artwork
  • individual graphical assets

All graphic design deliverables are created to ensure consistent customer brand adhesion and follow fully accessible design guidelines.

Software Development

Our software development team have worked extensively with BT’s front and back end development platforms. Technologies used include

  • html
  • jQuery
  • javascript
  • .net

Training and development

The UX team are experienced in creating detailed training documentation as well as running training sessions and seminars for end users and the client’s own training / HR staff.

User testing

Throughout the design cycle we encourage user testing as much as possible. It provides valuable ‘real-world’ input and feedback from actual end users and enables everybody involved in the design and development process to hone the product to perfection.

UI Centric’s custom built user testing lab incorporates

  • state of the art eye tracking technology; including web, tv and mobile device integration
  • multiple user observation and recording facilities

In addition, we frequently hold remote user testing session when a face to face or lab based work is not feasible.

Detailed test reports are issued after each test session pinpointing key strength and weaknesses of a design proposal or existing system.