International online retailer has become a household name, moving swiftly on from its beginnings as a bookstore to become the world’s largest electronic commerce company.

In recent years Amazon has moved into consumer electronics and digital content, with its Kindle e-reader and streaming video services Amazon Instant Video (AIV) and Lovefilm.

To assist with an internal transition at Amazon, UI Centric were engaged on a consultancy basis to provide broadcast-level video streaming and development expertise for hands on development guidance through the transition.

We were able to quickly mobilise a small team of our staff to embed on a temporary basis within Amazon’s development team. Our team assisted Amazon in maintaining and upgrading its existing Adobe Flash based video players as well as migrate a series of video players to a unified video player based on Microsoft Silverlight and IIS SmoothStream. We were also able to successfully integrate key components such as PlayReady DRM protection and Quality of Service (QoS) functionality to provide an improved customer experience.