Time Out was the only magazine telling consumers what was swinging when it launched back in the late sixties. Almost fifty years on, the brand stretches from Arizona to Zagreb and continues to be the arbiter of all things In and Out.

The proven popularity of Timeout’s other mobile applications made them an obvious choice when Amazon was looking to launch a completely new Fire Phone handset into a competitive market. “Our audience is socially active, mobile savvy and early adopters of technology so this ground-breaking handset from Amazon is a perfect match for us,” explains Dave Cook, Time Out’s Chief Digital Officer. ”The development was a great, first project for the newly-formed Time Out Labs team and the guys from UI Centric were as reliable as ever.”

Amazon is targeting the high-end user with its high-spec, multi-camera Android device; and approached Time Out to create an app that showcases these features to a global audience. Time Out turned to UI Centric, their digital agency partner for many other platforms to design and deliver the new Android app. Under a strict NDA, the project was kept under wraps at both Time Out and UI Centric and was only disclosed with the Seattle launch of the phone on 18th June. As they have done in the past, UI Centric modified their facilities so that a project team could work in isolation ensuring that the project was kept in complete confidence during the production lifecycle.


The app’s primary use case is to employ the phone’s location to deliver up events nearby, leveraging Time Out’s recent acquisition of Huge City and its crowd-sourced events platform. Users need only make a flick of the wrist to activate a side menu to change city, get editors’ picks or view their own favorites. The development team were able to leverage the device’s camera array to add an additional wow-factor by rendering 3D effects on all the images.

The development team worked in the dark. Not just because of the late nights and secrecy surrounding the launch but because coding had to take place in step with the Amazon team, developing the app incrementally as the nascent platform was updated and finessed. Still, UI Centric managed to complete the full production lifecycle in just six weeks. That fast turnaround meant Time Out was ready for the devices launch on June 18.

With the full suite of Android, Windows and iOS, UI Centric and Time Out have got your social life covered.